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How abotti Began


How abotti began

It all started with an unhealthy woman named Antoneitta who had lost her spunk, smile and purpose in life. Who just wanted to stay indoors, not socialize, not move more than she needed to and had no desire to take care of her physical, mental and emotional self.

Through the help, guidance and support from her family and friends she slowly started to get her health and life back. Antonietta started to incorporate healthy food choices, increased her daily activity and began to work on her mindset. It wasn’t easy at first but with resilience, determination and goals she was able to transform her unhealthy life to a healthy one.

Back in 2018, Antonietta started off as a part time Walk 15 Fitness Instructor while working full time at her corporate job. In January 2020, she launched her own fulltime in-person fitness program in York Region called abotti.


Our mission

Our mission is to help and support anyone who is looking to start their wellness journey. We know how intimidating it can be to begin incorporating physical activity into your life.

We hope to attract those who are starting their journey. The abotti program focuses on low impact workouts, as we truly believe that this will lead to increased confidence, self esteem and overall improved health and wellness.

We also organize a vast array of FUN social activities throughout the year. The abotti community is filled with fun, inclusive and supportive individuals who embrace living life to the fullest.

Our philosphy

The abotti community practices, preaches and lives by these three words YOU DO YOU.

What does YOU DO YOU mean?

In a nutshell, it means do whatever you think is best for yourself, march to your own beat, focus on what you have to get done, simply do you. The expression you do you means to do what’s right for you, whatever that may be.

YOU DO YOU – these three simple words hold so much value, power and influence, it can change your life – how you do things, how you see things and how you live your life everyday life.

We are all on our own unique journey. There is NO judgment, everybody is equal and no one is better than the other.

At the end of the day, we simply want to live the best, happiest and fulfilled life. We work towards increasing our longevity, sustaining our independent lifestyle, and quite frankly to shock our doctor.

We are better and stronger together.

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Join the abotti Walkers Community. Whether you are an active abotti member or not, as long as you are movin’ you can totally join the abotti WALKERS for daily inspiration and FUN. We would love to have you, your energy, and your commitment to yourself, your health, and your fitness and be a part of the abotti WALKERS. The abotti WALKERS is run and managed by a fantastic team of amazing women: Cindy, Marjorie, Jennifer, Patricia, Jenn and Antonietta.

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