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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to pre-register for online classes?
Pre-registration is required on push press in order for you to get the zoom link emailed to you 10 mins before class starts
How long are classes?

Every class is 30 minutes

Do I need my video on to participate?

It is not required. However we recommend turning your video on for abotti strength.

What equipment do I need for general classes?

No equipment is required for abotti classes. All you need is a pair of running shoes and water.

What equipment do I need for abotti chair?

We recommend a sturdy chair with no wheels and no arms

What equipment do I need for abotti strength?

We recommend hand weights but are not required. You can also use foods cans, hand bottles or your arms

What equipment do I need for abotti step?

Proper aerobic stepper is required.

What equipment do I need for abotti Pound Fit?

Ribstix is recommended but not required.

What is pushpress?

Pushpress is the software we use for you to register your classes.

What is the method of payment available?

Payments are only available through PushPress via Credit Card.

What is the ZOOM ID number to join the virtual classes?

The zoom link will be emailed to you 10 minutes before the class starts. Please ensure you pre-register for class or else you will not receive the zoom link

How many classes may I pre-register for?

You may register for unlimited classes based on the plan you are on up to two weeks in advance.



When does registration end for each class?

You have up to 15 mins before class starts to register for a class.

If I cannot make it to a class, what do I need to do?

You have up to an hour before the class starts to cancel your registration. If you know that you can not make it to class, please cancel your registration to allow for others to join the class




Is there a Facebook group page to stay connected?

Yes, please click on the link to ask to join the group page