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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to pre-register for in person classes?

Pre-registration is required for in person classes as each in person class sizes are limited to 50.

Class limitations are regulated by the Government of Canada due to COVID and social distancing will be in effect.

2. Do I have to have a PushPress account, even though I have a paper punch card?

Yes, this is the only way we may pre-register everyone for the in-person classes, as we are only allowed to have 50 people in a room.

3. What is the method of payment available?

Payments are only available through PushPress via Credit Card, only

4. Do I need to wear a mask for in person classes?

Yes, masks are mandatory when you check in for class. Once you go to your designated “socially distanced” spot, you may remove your mask

5. What is the location for in person classes?

Christ Church – 254 Sunset Blvd – Stouffville, ON

Please go to the back of the building where the playground is – only access through those doors – This is where pre-screening and registration will be set up. Hand sanitizers and masks will be available. Park at the rear. 

6. What time do I need to arrive for in person classes?

Please arrive no earlier than 6:15 pm – registration will only be opened at that time. Anyone who comes after 6:30pm, when classes start, will not be admitted into the class

7. Are bathrooms available at the in-person location?

Yes, we will only have access to one designated bathroom

8. How many classes may I pre-register for?

Registration for in person and online classes will be available weekly. So, you will only be able to register for classes one week in advance.

9. When does registration end for each class?

You have up to 15 mins before class starts to register for a class

10. If I can not make it to a class, what do I need to do?

You have up to an hour before the class starts to cancel your registration. If you know that you can not make it to class, please cancel your registration to allow for others to join the class

11. Why do I need to pre-register for online classes?

Pre-registration is required for online classes in order to admit active* abotti members

*active abotti members are members who have registered for a plan

12. When are classes available?

Monday thru Friday at 10am EST and 6:30pm EST – VIRTUAL CLASSES

Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 6:30pm EST – IN PERSON CLASSES

13. What is the ZOOM ID number to join the virtual classes?

The ZOOM ID # is 841.503.2592

14. Is there a password to join the online classes?

Yes, the password is found on the closed Facebook Page – please click on this link to ask to join the group page --