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Virtual & In-person available
30-minute class
Equipment: Not required

Virtual: LIVE on Zoom

In Person: Live Classes at Christ Church: 254 Sunset Blvd, Stouffville, ON

abotti is a low impact group fitness experience, where we incorporate everyday practical movements to fun music instructed by a high energy instructor.

abotti low impact is designed for everyone regardless of your fitness level, age, ability or gender.

abotti is a YOU DO YOU workout


LIVE on ZOOM only
30-minute class
Equipment: Proper aerobic stepper is required to participate

Ready to add a slightly more challenging low-impact workout?

Then you gotta give abotti step a try.

abotti step is a low impact cardio workout choreographed to upbeat music instructed by two outgoing and loveable souls – Jean Luc and Nick.

Chair one

LIVE on ZOOM only
30-minute class
Equipment: Sturdy chair without wheels (preferably with no armrests)

If you are ready to start your journey but need to remain seated, then abotti Chair One Fitness is perfect for you!

FUN, low impact, all-inclusive workout while sitting in a chair -- everyone is welcomed -- designed for those who have suffered an injury, limited mobility, varied abilities, or who are new to activity.


LIVE on ZOOM only
Time: 30-minute class
Equipment: Not required

abotti boost is a higher intensity, higher impact group fitness experience.

It incorporates greater range of motion, jumping along with faster-paced cardio movements. The class is choreographed by a high spirited, animated red-head instructor that will get you movin’ as soon as the beat drops.


LIVE on ZOOM only
30-minute class
Equipment: Hand weights are recommended but not required.

This low-impact strength and conditioning workout is perfect for those looking to add weights to their aerobic workout, however not mandatory.

abotti strengthen is designed to build muscle, burn body fat, strength your bones and joints, improve heart health & prolong independent living.


LIVE on ZOOM only
30-minute class
Equipment: Ribstix are recommended, but not required

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up, and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to rockstars of all ages and abilities.


LIVE on ZOOM only
30-minute class
Equipment: Yoga mat and Yoga block

Everyone is welcomed. This class is GREAT if you are new to YOGA or if you are looking for a yoga class which is geared more towards breath-based. 

The style of YOGA offered is called True Strength Yoga which is a system of breath-based yoga asana (poses) designed to bring the practitioner's focus into the present moment.  

All classes begin with warm up poses and stretches to prepare the body to move through the practice while connecting each pose with the breath. 

The poses are are ordered in a specific way to move from warm up, movement, cooling and ending in the stillness of savasana. 

The spine is moved in all 5 directions during the course of the practice. 

The practice is complete with symmetrical and asymmetrical poses ands works all the major muscle groups, including balancing poses for each muscle group.

Weekly Classes

abotti on-the-go is here!

Can’t make Live Online Classes?

Receive access to a growing list of on-demand workouts.

Join The abotti Experience

abotti is not just another fitness class or gym, it is an EXPERIENCE.

What makes abotti stand out from all the rest is our YOU DO YOU philosophy, inclusive community and high energy, welcoming instructors.

We embrace every level of fitness and will offer support and encouragement wherever you are in your wellness journey.

We are doing this together. We move together, we play together and we have fun together!

The abotti team is committed and dedicated to help you “shock your Doctor” and strengthen your ability to improve your activities of daily living.