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Thank you for registering with us. Now let’s get stronger, healthier and happier together.

Now that you have registered with us through PushPress (PushPress is a software we are using in order for you to register for classes, purchase plans etc) – what now?

Please read and review the steps below:

Activating Your Account

email abotti

Step 1 – Check your email

We have sent you two emails that require action from you.

The first email has documents for you to sign electronically

The second email is to create your account – this is where you set up your password to log in to register for classes

Step 2 – Log in to your portal

There are two ways you can access the portal

1st. You may download the PushPress member portal app via apple or google play, either on your laptop, iPad, smartphone or tablet

2nd. Click the button below to open the members portal

abotti portal

Step 3 – Get started

Now you will be able to access all of our available classes & update your profile on our platform

Step 1: Download PushPress


Once you become a member of abotti with Antonietta, you will receive an email with an attached form to “Set Up Your Profile”. Go to the App Store and download the Pushpress Member Portal to start creating your profile.


Step 2: Build it.


Once you have logged into your account, you can use the side menu to update your profile, find all available classes and reserve. To reserve a class, click on the tab ‘Classes’ and choose from the classes listed on the desired date(s)

Step 3: Check Available Classes


You will be able to scroll through the different dates to find which classes are available, along with times available. Once you find a class you are looking for, just tap on that class to take you to the next step.

Step 4: Reserve a Class


Click the green button ‘Reserve’ to book! If you wish to cancel the class, you will be able to by clicking Remove Registration.

Learn how to navigate the app

Learn how to reserve a spot in a full class