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Antonietta Botticelli

Owner & creator of abotti

I am the You Do You – low impact group fitness instructor who incorporates everyday practical movements into a FUN and non-judgemental aerobic experience. Having lost over 140lbs and kicking diabetes to the curb, I can personally relate to how challenging and scary it might be to start your journey to health and wellness. As the creator of abotti, I have taken my life experiences and developed a program that is inclusive to all, no matter your age, gender, fitness level or ability. Referred to as the female version of Richard Simmons of the North on Breakfast Television Toronto, I take pride in having built a community where everyone is equal and no one is better than the other. We all encourage and support one another in achieving and maintaining our wellness goals. We are better and stronger together. 

Meet the abotti Instructors


Hello! We are Jean-Luc Pharand and Nicolas Tremblay and this is our “Fat to Fit” journey!

By embracing healthy eating and regular exercise we were able to embrace both our mental and physical health and lose weight in the process.

We are here to make your abotti Step Class fun and exciting! Let’s get our step on!


I was born in Barbados and moved to Canada in 1976 at the age of 13. I am a vibrant, energy driven person, with a little shyness at first. I put 100% in anything I do, no matter what the task is. I also love a challenge and will try anything once.

Growing up, exercise was not something I enjoyed doing. In my late 30’s / early 40’s I started exercising sparingly but my LOVE of exercise began at the age of 45 when I decided to take it more seriously. That is when I began to take control of my health!

I completed my first marathon back in 2007 and have continued to participate in marathons up until today!! This brings me so much joy and I look forward to them. I also participate in obstacle courses such as Mudgirl, Foam Fest and Spartan. Spartan was on my bucket list and I am so proud of myself for saying YES to it and completing the course!

I enjoy all forms of exercise but my preferred style of exercise is weight training. I have developed a passion for it and I am now a certified abotti strength instructor. I truly enjoy helping everyone achieve their fitness goals. I also love helping those who doubt their physical capabilities and I will make it my mission to help them change their narrative to YES I CAN!

Becoming an abotti instructor is a dream come true as it allows me the opportunity to do what I LOVE to do. Working alongside the abotti team is nothing but FUN. The community is an infectious one and we all support each other!


Tracy is a Registered Nurse working in an Acute Care Hospital.  Tracy has been a nurse for 27 years and through her career has worked at a major trauma centre in Toronto. She is also a Health/Wellness Life Coach with a focus on supporting people attain health and wellness for their mind, body and soul, especially for people who are finished their Cancer treatment and want to live their life after.

Tracy is an entrepreneur, speaker and co-author in multiple books . Her recent book is called Self Empowerment reset. Tracy is the host of her own Podcast called, What has changed your life? This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, iHeart radio, google podcasts and wherever you stream. 

Tracy is also a group fitness instructor and teaches Kangoo Jumps fitness classes as well as Pound fitness classes.  She is a mom of Twins and wife to Don, for 25 years. Tracy is a Breast Cancer survivor and has been in remission for almost 10 years! Tracy is a Phenoix/Warrior!!
Tracy’s goal in life is to help and support people to live their best life and be well while they are living it!! Her motto is “do your best and forget the rest”.


Ken has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 39 years. With over 25 years of teaching both practices, Ken understands the transformative power of yoga. The very first Yoga Sutra is often translated as “Yoga is now.” It is a path to the present moment by which we develop the skill of concentration to change our lives. Once we learn this skill, we understand that we are not your thoughts and that your thoughts are not your fault. However, when we believe our thoughts and act on them mindlessly, we are at fault. In short, yoga’s biggest benefits have nothing to do with mastering advanced poses, but everything to do with mastering the mind. Classical yoga teaches us to make skillful choices on the mat as well as in the rest of our lives.

Meet the abotti Admin

Helen was born in England and emigrated to Canada in 1988.  She is married and has four grown children, her eldest son has Nicolaides Baraitser Syndrome which is a rare genetic syndrome. She is very passionate about raising awareness and supporting parents whose children are diagnosed. One of her proudest achievements is being a co-founder of the Nicolaides Baraitser Foundation.
She is extremely proud to be part of the abotti team and community. It has enabled her to connect with people who share a similar mindset and support each other in reaching their health goals.

A retired Director of Government agency after 32 years of service. Proud mother to a fantastic son named Tyler. Loves to go on adventures and spending time with family and friends. An active abotti member since day one.

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