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abotti on-the-go allows you the convenience to get your activity in no matter what time of the day or where you are.

You can be connected anywhere – anytime! No more excuses, your goals are waiting.

abotti on-the-go allows you unlimited access to a growing library of diverse aerobic workouts and challenges.

abotti on-the-go will enhance your fitness evolution by keeping you motivated, inspired and on track.


What is included?

When you join on-the-go you will receive access to a library of prerecorded classes.
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A low impact strength and conditioning workout. Classes are 20 minutes in length. Hand weights are recommended but not mandatory.


Designed for those individuals who are starting their fitness journey. Includes a low impact cardio workout using walking based movements. Classes are 20 mins in length. No equipment needed.


A slightly higher intensity cardio workout that incorporates repetitive movements for an overall body workout. Get ready to sweat with this one! Classes are 20 minutes in length.

Chair One

Designed for those individuals who are suffering an injury, have limited mobility or who are new to activity. Classes are 20 mins in length. Sturdy chair is required. We highly recommend chair to have no wheels and no arms.

“I used to think of myself as a shy turtle tucked away in my shell. Now I feel since starting classes back in 2019 Antonietta has got me to emerge out of my shell. I now organize weekend trail-forest hikes with several of the Abotti tribe members who I’ve developed friendships with. I would highly recommend that anyone try Abotti with Antonietta, I guarantee you’ll love it. Antonietta makes exercise very fun, thank-you Antonietta 😀”

— Dale Marie, Stouffville, ON